life lessons from the pup

the pup turns 15 this year – in july. i’m not normally the pessimist, but when your dog turns 15 (and has been with you for more than half of your life), you know that the time you have together is dwindling. that in mind, i wanted to gather a few of the most precious […]

2017 – a list

even though 2016 brought some unwanted changes, it was overall a very good year! i hope that continues into 2017 learn how to properly use my new, nifty dslr camera halfway through my lessons and can’t wait to share the results the pup turns 15 (!!!!) this year it is starting to show a bit, […]

israel in a week

back in october i visited the husband in israel. he was on placement for his job, and i managed to sneak away for a week to join him. israel had never been at the top of our travel list, but with an opportunity available, we weren’t going to pass it up! we enjoyed our time […]

weekend in stockholm

back in august we spent a whirlwind weekend in stockholm. we went for our anniversary and truly enjoyed ourselves! we were looking for a destination that wasn’t too far away (by plane, car or train), as well as something that was new (at least for me). we settled on stockholm for multiple reasons: it is […]

a list for fall

i love making lists. i make lists at work – to do lists – shopping lists – vacation lists…you name it, i’m sure i’ve made it! so i thought i’d make a list for fall…as a way to help myself adjust to the end of summer! – a list for fall – please don’t skip […]


back in august we spent 3,5 days in florence, italy. after visiting rome, i wasn’t sure anything could come close to that experience. but florence left me in awe. day 1 our flight arrived early monday morning and our hotel was nice enough to let us check in well before the usual check in time. […]

rome – a dream come true

rome has been in the top 5 of my list of cities to visit since i started making lists…like 15 years ago. in planning our trip, we contemplated many places but finally settled on 10 days in italy. we split those days between rome and florence (more on that later). living in germany is different […]

a weekend in prague

back in july, the husband gifted me a weekend in prague for my birthday. he had been once before about eight years ago and loved it. and since it had always been high on my list of cities to visit, we went with it. we rented a car and drove out friday morning and arrived […]

the long hiatus

where have i been? this hiatus was not intentional…but things just kept coming up…for instance: my keyboard spazzed out about a month ago-meaning the shift keys no longer work (good thing i don’t like capitalizing things anyways). this new problem makes it very difficult to log into any account. any time i want to capitalize […]

April and May Reading List

the number of books read in the past 2 months has diminished…but i am still on target to read 15 books this year, so that is what i will focus on in april i read The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin. again this book came at the recommendation of TheSkimm, and was actually […]