life lessons from the pup

the pup turns 15 this year – in july. i’m not normally the pessimist, but when your dog turns 15 (and has been with you for more than half of your life), you know that the time you have together is dwindling. that in mind, i wanted to gather a few of the most precious […]

dealing with a broken paw

on may 9th the pup was attacked and ended up breaking his front left paw. luckily only one bone was broken, so the vet was able to wrap it up using the support of the other bones to stabilize regrowth of the bone. kujo has handled the whole experience like a champ! being nearly 14 […]

a small update

since moving last month, we really haven’t had much down time. kind of seems opposite of what we wanted, considering we moved in order to have more down time..but i think we are finally getting there. the apartment is coming together, the last piece will be installed in 3 weeks…the kitchen! i will explain more […]

dear 2016,

i know there will come times this year when, as they say, the “going gets tough”…or we might lose track of what our dreams and goals really are. i just hope that, through it all, we remain true to ourselves, happy, healthy and in love with life! life is bound to throw us a curve […]

wedding-iversary 2 – doggie swim day!

about a month ago, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. it just so happened to coincide with “Hunde im Freibad” day at one of the local swimming pools here in bonn. i was beyond excited for this! the husband gladly went along with my crazy plan to teach our 13year old dog a new trick…swimming! […]

1000 days

i remember getting ready to board the flight to germany and wondering what was in store. i had hopes and wishes for what i thought would happen…and i’m lucky enough to say that my dreams have basically come true. that is not to say that the last 1000 days have been easy…far from it! but […]

august snapshots

winter came to visit

being a girl from texas, the only thing in winter that can put a smile on my face is SNOW!!! so last weekend when the husband told me it was snowing, i jumped out of bed so fast and ran over to the window and literally starting jumping up and down! i couldn’t contain my […]

one week to recover

so the pup is on the mend! thankfully, we were all a bit nervous over here! he now only has a funny haircut on his tummy from where they did the ultrasound (which came back negative :)) that said, his recuperation time allowed both the husband and i to get some much needed work done […]