the long hiatus

where have i been? this hiatus was not intentional…but things just kept coming up…for instance: my keyboard spazzed out about a month ago-meaning the shift keys no longer work (good thing i don’t like capitalizing things anyways). this new problem makes it very difficult to log into any account. any time i want to capitalize […]

April and May Reading List

the number of books read in the past 2 months has diminished…but i am still on target to read 15 books this year, so that is what i will focus on in april i read The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin. again this book came at the recommendation of TheSkimm, and was actually […]

a small update

since moving last month, we really haven’t had much down time. kind of seems opposite of what we wanted, considering we moved in order to have more down time..but i think we are finally getting there. the apartment is coming together, the last piece will be installed in 3 weeks…the kitchen! i will explain more […]

a hectic month

We knew that life would be changing at the beginning of March, but just how hectic and exhausting it was to become we could not have prepared for. Of course the husband had been working in Düsseldorf since September, but having both of us commuting such a distance each day really began to wear on […]

a weekend in hamburg (part 2)

last week i started telling you about our weekend we spent in hamburg visiting a friend. well, now a little bit about what we did on the second day, as well as pictures. sunday was filled with the typical “tourist” activities. we started the morning going to the fish markets, unfortunately for us, however, the […]

a weekend in hamburg (part 1)

the first weekend in february we took a roadtrip up to hamburg. we decided to forgo the Karvenal celebrations taking place here in the Rheinland, and spend a weekend in hamburg instead. and oh my, was it worth it! its only a 4 hour drive from Bonn, so definitely manageable for a weekend getaway. the […]

a winter’s day in paris

when my parents and sister were here in december, we decided to take a one day, whirlwind trip to paris! i had been a few times before and was our official tour guide! we chose to hit all the major sites, but didn’t have time to go inside and/or up any of those sites. so […]

a weekend in amsterdam

about a month ago, we had some friends visiting from the states and decided to spend a long weekend in amsterdam. none of us had been before, so it definitely made for an enjoyable trip. the only hard part was that we were 3 couples coming together having never all met one another. other than […]

an expat thanksgiving

one of the hardest parts about living in another country with a different culture and different holidays is missing out on some of my favorite holidays with my family. thanksgiving has always been one of my favorites, i think because my g-dad and nana used to arrive from delaware around this time and would spend […]

Reichsburg Cochem

on the same day that we went to Burg Eltz we also ventured over to the little town of Cochem. i had been googling which castles we wanted to visit with the car, and since both of these were in the same area, we figured we should just make a day of it. Reichsburg Cochem […]