life lessons from the pup

the pup turns 15 this year – in july. i’m not normally the pessimist, but when your dog turns 15 (and has been with you for more than half of your life), you know that the time you have together is dwindling. that in mind, i wanted to gather a few of the most precious life lessons he has taught me over the years


this has definitely come up again in the past few months. of course, when a puppy is young you need to have the patience to train him/her. but the same goes when they get old.

  • he may test my patience at times, but it has also taught me that its okay to move at a slower pace. going for multiple walks a day is not a bad thing!


never-ending love! today at the park, he walked off with the husband in search of sticks for our snowman. when he came back he was so happy to see me. that just warms my heart.

just sitting on the couch and cuddling – one of our favorite past-times.

that look of relief on his face when he wanders the apartment looking for me, then finds me…i know then how much he really loves me.

being a recipient of unconditional love can be dumbfounding sometimes. i really hope he knows that i love him just as much! (the husband used to ask who i loved more ;))

  • love can go a long way. make sure the recipient is aware just how much you love them! even if it means stalking them around the apartment, just to be near them 😉


he has gone through a lot of change in the past few years. what with moving across the world, and having 3 new homes in 4 years. but, once he realizes i am there with him, he settles right in.

i think this most recent move was the hardest for him. he didn’t want to accept the new apartment until he realized the old one was empty. home is where the heart is!

  • life will change but as long as you can rely on a few constants everything will be okay


this was probably the hardest one – for both of us.

he had to accept a new person in our life. a person who replaced him as the “man of the house.” the two get on swimmingly now, but i know how hard it was for the pup.

  • things may not always go according to plan:  i’m sure he would’ve been happy being the “man of the house” his whole life. but accepting the husband as his owner too has helped us all transition.


even 15 minutes a night of fetch goes a long way. some nights he is too tired, but some nights he wakes up from a nap and is just dead set on all of our attention being on him.

he never used to be a vocal pup, but in his old age he has started demanding attention. not like he is deprived in anyway – but if he wants to play fetch…gosh dangit, we will play fetch (or the whole apartment building will know he is not getting his way)

  • taking even those 15 minutes a day adds numerous laughs to our evening. from his attempts to catch the ball (he isn’t very coordinated) or falling victim to the “disappearing ball” – the laughs are endless

small things

every morning when i leave, i kind of leave a treasure hunt of treats for him. he looks forward to it everyday!

pure excitement just to go on a walk. back before he lost his hearing, the words “walk” and “car” would make him SO excited!

  • if i took the time to be excited about the small things, i think it would make life a lot happier.
pup in snow
to kujo, with all my love!!

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