2017 – a list

even though 2016 brought some unwanted changes, it was overall a very good year! i hope that continues into 2017

  • learn how to properly use my new, nifty dslr camera
    • halfway through my lessons and can’t wait to share the results
  • the pup turns 15 (!!!!) this year
    • it is starting to show a bit, i just hope he stays young at heart a little while longer
  • our trip to the States has been postponed until march 2018
    • with so much to look forward to in that trip, i hope we also take the time to enjoy a trip this year, albeit much smaller
  • keep trying new things – be it new meals, drinks, hobbies, books, etc. the rewards are limitless
  • take advantage of time alone
    • being more of an introvert in a foreign country tends to mean i spend alone time really alone, but this year i want to branch out and meet new people
  • celebrate life more often – even if its just the small things
  • throw us a few curve balls – we learn best that way

let’s see what you’ve got, 2017. i’m ready for ya!!

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