israel in a week

back in october i visited the husband in israel. he was on placement for his job, and i managed to sneak away for a week to join him. israel had never been at the top of our travel list, but with an opportunity available, we weren’t going to pass it up!

we enjoyed our time there, but soon realized why it wasn’t at the top of our list. we hit all the hot-spots: stationed in tel-aviv, down to jaffa, over to jerusalem and the dead sea, then finally up to haifa. the dead sea was, without a doubt, the highlight of the trip. the only regret i have from the trip was not making it over to jordan, because who knows when we will be in the region again?!

a few tid-bits

  • swimming in the dead sea feels like floating on oil – strange but exciting!
  • the mud starts to burn when it hardens, but your skin comes away feeling renewed
  • we were able to drive through palestine without ever being stopped! (maybe thats a cliché to think security is vigorous)
  • israel itself is VERY expensive
  • we celebrated Rosh Hashana with one of the husband’s colleagues – it was interesting to learn the cultural and religious traditions
  • this was still at the time of pokémon go – and i caught my first (and only) pikachu in tel-aviv (NERD ALERT)

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