weekend in stockholm

back in august we spent a whirlwind weekend in stockholm. we went for our anniversary and truly enjoyed ourselves!

we were looking for a destination that wasn’t too far away (by plane, car or train), as well as something that was new (at least for me). we settled on stockholm for multiple reasons:

  1. it is one of the husband’s favorite cities
  2. easier to visit in the summer than other times of year
  3. something totally different than our other vacations this year

so we flew out on a friday after work, checked in to our boat-hotel and rested up for a full saturday of exploring. seeing as stockholm is made up of an archipelago, we took advantage of the many boat-hotels and truly adopted the seafarers spirit!


we hadn’t really made plans of what we wanted to do. so we started the morning in gamla stan – the old town. it is so quaint…unfortunately i forgot to take pictures. i guess i was too busy taking it all in! in the old city you can also find the grand palace, but since there was a ceremony going on we decided to skip it. we then wandered over to the two smaller islands in the harbor. the weather was perfect for end of august, and the crowds weren’t too big.

then we visited the Vasa Museum – it is a museum with a replica of the Vasa warship from 1628. this ill-fated ship sank within minutes of setting sail, and was recovered and is now maintained in this museum. it was surreal, unlike anything i had seen before. the size of the ship itself was incredible, but its no wonder it sank on its maiden voyage! truly recommend it!

we ended the evening with a picnic dinner on the big hill in șdermalm Рwith a breathtaking view of the city!


the weekend we were in town coincided with an outdoor, city-wide music and arts festival. we were able to catch the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra putting on a concert, as well as a few other shows! i love when things like that happen, purely by coincidence but inspiring none-the-less.

wandering around the open markets, we just took advantage of taking in the city as a local. picking up coffee at a local cafe, and just wandering aimlessly and chatting away. we knew we didn’t have so much time on sunday, so we made sure to make no plans and just see where we ended up. by 3pm i was on the plane back to düsseldorf and the husband was starting his conference for work!


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