a list for fall

i love making lists. i make lists at work – to do lists – shopping lists – vacation lists…you name it, i’m sure i’ve made it! so i thought i’d make a list for fall…as a way to help myself adjust to the end of summer!

– a list for fall –

  • please don’t skip the early fall phase. a light jacket is all that should be necessary
    • i don’t like busting out my winter jacket on october 10th…
  • foliage change has become a favorite
    • growing up in texas, trees are either green or brown
    • the trees that line our street are ginko, i’ve heard they turn a lovely shade of yellow – patiently waiting
  • pumpkin soup! the husband and i found a recipe over the weekend for pumpkin soup and i can’t wait to try!
  • time change is coming…biking to work at 7:45 and its dark, and leaving at 5pm and its dusk…no thank you!
  • blankets and snuggles on the couch
    • i guess when its chilly out, i’d rather stay home with a good fluffy blanket, a book or movie and some cuddles with the pup and husband
  • having hot dinner with cold temperatures is more enjoyable! hot dinners in the summer is torturous sometimes
  • need to invest in some tall boots before fall changes to winter,  i guess i need to start on a shopping list 😉

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