a weekend in prague

back in july, the husband gifted me a weekend in prague for my birthday. he had been once before about eight years ago and loved it. and since it had always been high on my list of cities to visit, we went with it. we rented a car and drove out friday morning and arrived by the evening. we spent all of saturday exploring the city and headed back on sunday.

we were fortunate enough to have gorgeous weather on saturday, and as the rain hit on sunday we were on our way out. considering the majority of this summer has been moderate, by northern european standards, a full day of sun and 23° temps were a welcome change!

what to do?

prague is an old city, dating back to the medieval times. much of that history is present in the architecture of the city. since we only had a weekend, we decided that we would hit the top tourist locations, and then wander on our own. this is what we tend to do with a short amount of time in a new city.

we didn’t visit any museums, but for us that wasn’t the point of the trip. prague as a city is awe-inspiring to look at. just wander down any of the streets in the city center, and even those surrounding it. my favorite spot to stand was in the middle of the old town square. with churches and beautiful buildings all around, i was happy to just sit and people watch.

in the weeks before the trip, i read a bit online about what to see and where to go. however, in typical me fashion, i left my list of “must visit” locations back in düsseldorf. lucky for us, you can take the tram to the city center and start walking in any direction.

our list, in the end, included:

  • charles bridge
  • prague castle
  • old town square
  • wenceslas square
  • powder tower
  • astronomical clock

why rent a car?

since germany and czech republic share a border, it is easy enough to travel between the two countries. from düsseldorf you are in for about a 6.5-7 hour drive. to break this time up a bit, we decided to add on a pit stop in dresden. plus since we were only a weekend in prague, we didn’t need to worry about long-term parking!

we left düsseldorf around 10am, and after stopping in dresden we arrived in prague around 8pm. we would have arrived sooner if our GPS hadn’t sent us on a wild ride through the czech countryside. but sometimes, those are the most memorable parts of a road trip!

when to go?

like most other major european cities, prague is overcrowded with tourists in the summer. the husband said when he went the first time it was in the fall, and quite serene. the opposite of that was happening when we were there. july and august are top tourist season, and the city is overrun with segway scooters and other cliche tourist things. the worst part was, that you couldn’t walk down charles bridge and truly take in the scenery of it, it was just TOO crowded.

if you live in europe, a weekend in prague is feasable any time of the year. if you are traveling in from overseas, just keep in mind the top tourist seasons. that in mind, we already decided that we will go back and visit again in a different season. hopefully then we can get a different image of a city that has so much to offer.

picture time!



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