the long hiatus

where have i been?

this hiatus was not intentional…but things just kept coming up…for instance:

  1. my keyboard spazzed out about a month ago-meaning the shift keys no longer work (good thing i don’t like capitalizing things anyways). this new problem makes it very difficult to log into any account. any time i want to capitalize something i need to use the caps lock key
  2. we no longer have a desk at home which works out fine 95% of the time. however, writing here is always a bit easier when the computer is not on my lap
  3. our internet in the “new” apartment is horrendous, and it can only be reliably used in the living room – so i can’t really even use the dining table as a desk to solve problem 2.

but i guess if these are the only 3 problems in life, then we are doing pretty good!

whats to come?

i am putting together a collection of all of the pictures i have taken in the past few months. i have collected quite a few as we went to rome and florence for vacation at the beginning of august, and then to stockholm last weekend. i want to share all of that with yall and then, hopefully, i’ll get back into the rhythm of writing frequently.

i’ve also read a few more books in the past month that i want to tell yall about. nothing exciting, just some good-easy reads.

we also have one more exciting trip planned for this year. i am currently in the process of finalizing all the details, then i will let you know what’s happening!

here we go!

hiatus - restart

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