dealing with a broken paw

on may 9th the pup was attacked and ended up breaking his front left paw. luckily only one bone was broken, so the vet was able to wrap it up using the support of the other bones to stabilize regrowth of the bone. kujo has handled the whole experience like a champ! being nearly 14 years old, his body is responding well. we went in a week ago for another x-ray, the bone is no longer broken, but there is still a fracture that just needs time to finish healing.

in the mean time we have become experts at rewrapping his paw every 4 days in a new cast, and my arms are getting stronger from carrying him up and down 4 flights of stairs for each walk! i totally had a mind-blank the other day and he walked down the steps all on his own…he was so happy! but…until this paw is fully healed, he will have to put up with the escort service. we go again on the 30th to get, hopefully, his last x-ray.

in the past week or so he has really gotten his personality and playfulness back, which makes me super happy! hearing him chase the ball or his little lambchop toy on his peg leg really is adorable!

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