a small update

since moving last month, we really haven’t had much down time. kind of seems opposite of what we wanted, considering we moved in order to have more down time..but i think we are finally getting there.

the apartment is coming together, the last piece will be installed in 3 weeks…the kitchen! i will explain more on that later, but i think we are definitely looking forward to a complete apartment, and fully functioning kitchen. we have spent the last few weekends arranging furniture, unpacking the remaining boxes and hanging pictures. while we do still have some small things to finish, everything is finally falling into place.

the only setback we have had is that last week the pup was attacked by a much bigger, angrier dog who bit kujo and broke his foot. but, have no fears! we are one week in, and he is doing so much better! the vet told us that the recovery time is 4-6 weeks; therefore, we cancelled our upcoming weekend in Berlin because we couldn’t quite put him in a doggie hotel with a broken foot…but we will make it to Berlin some other time. we do have some other exciting things coming in the next few weeks, but we first need to focus on the pup getting healthy and our kitchen being delivered and installed in the first week of June, then we can get excited!

the husband’s job is going well, he found out that his three months overseas will take place from September – November in ISRAEL!!! we don’t have many details now, but hopefully by the end of this month we will know where he will be based, etc. and then we will plan a holiday together at the end of his stay (so early December most likely). i am so looking forward to it, i know he is too!

i plan to write a bigger update soon on the apartment and everything else that has been going on, but for now…this should suffice!

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