february and march reading list

my reading list for the past two months continued to grow steadily. it helped that i was on the train or travelling for roughtly 3 hours a day. i am not the fastest reader, by any means, but in those weeks where my commute was unthinkably long, i managed to finish a book a week! my normal rate is minimum 2 weeks, so i’d say that’s good progress. my goal for the year is to read 15 books, and even though i am already on book 10, i don’t want to alter my goal because now i realize how little time i do have for reading when i’m not on the train for hours at a time.

looking back at the books i read in january, i can see a definite increase over the last two months 😉

i finished The Jane Austen Book Club, and still don’t know what to make of it. like previously mentioned, i haven’t read enough of Austen’s books to maybe fully understand and appreciate the novel. who knows, maybe i will come back to it in a few years once i’ve read the remaining Austen novels.

then i moved on to reading Fates andFuries, by Lauren Groff. this one was also recommended by TheSkimm, and was no where near what i was expecting. from the synopsis of the novel i was mislead i feel. but the novel was also so full of prose that you need to sift through it all to finally get to the core of the novel…which was a disappointment. seeing how highly rated the book was, i was truly looking forward to reading it, but i had to force myself through it in the end, and that is never really a good sign, i don’t think.

things improved though with the next book on my list, The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J K Rowling). being a massive harry potter fan, i knew i had to give another work by Rowling a go. i am happy i did, normally crime novels are not my cup of tea, but i was intrigued by the story line and found it easy to read and enjoy. this is truly helpful when reading hours a day, every day of the week. it is easy to become bored with a book, but this never happened here. i have already added the rest of the series to my wishlist and can’t wait to read them!

the good book fortunes continued as i finished a book i started the year before. when uni got in the way, i had to put The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson, to the side in the hopes that i could resume it sooner rather than later. this book is very unlike any other books on my to-read or have-read list. it is much more factual history than historical fiction, but enthralling none the less. as history is one of my favorite subjects, it is easy to understand why the story piqued my interest, and learning about many of the architectural geniuses involved in the planning of the Chicago World’s Fair only added to the intrigue of the story line. i highly recommend this one to any leonardo dicaprio fans, as he has bought the rights to the novel and plans to adapt it with the help of martin scorsese.

those were the books i managed to read in february. during that time i was not yet working the new job, but i had to travel to düsseldorf a few times to sign contracts, etc. so found myself with more reading time on my hands. once march started, i managed to read 3 more books as well as start a fourth.

Atonement is one of my favorite movies, and now it is one of my favorite novels. Ian McEwan is a skilled writer, and my hatred for briony only grew as i read the novel. even though i knew the story and how everything would play out, seeing it in words, and the ease in which it is read really is inspiring. even though the main even transpires over just a few days, the detail into which mcewan delves leaves no leaf unturned.

with so many unread books on my shelf, i sometimes find it difficult to figure out which book to read next. so, i decided to go with one of the books the husband gave me for christmas. his favorite genre is thriller/crime novels, and even though i cannot claim they are at the top of my list, i figured i would give it a go. i read The Bat, by Jo Nesbo, in a week. that is not to say it was the most stellar book i have read, or that i will highly recommend it to the next person, but it was an easy read. it did take an awfully long time to get to solving the crime, but as it is the first book in a long detective series, i guess that is to be expected. i am still undecided if i will continue the series or not, it is the husband’s favorite series, so i can suspect he might just gift me the next few books to try and lure me in 😉

the last book i have finished was probably the disappointment of the year. now this might sound like a contradiction because i have just said i don’t particularly like thriller/crime novels, but the Stieg Larson Millennium Trilogy is one of my favorites of all time. his writing is so fluid, and the characters succinctly drawn. however, he passed away and the publishing house found a new author to continue the series. considering how much i loved the story line, i thought…why not give it a try?! i am glad that i did, and now know that i will not be following along with any further publications. The Girl in the Spider’s Web, by David Lagercrantz, it was very obvious in the first few pages of the novel that the writing style was different, more forced on the modern age than the first three novels. the use of social media and inclusion of comic books just totally threw me for a loop. i feel like there were back stories created that the original author might not have intended or even wanted. it was an easy read, but a disappointing one in the end that left so many open ends that you know they will continue with another one…if only for the money.

i am currently reading Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton. it is a novel i started reading for a course i was taking, but never got around to finishing. it has been on my to-read list forever, so i am trying my hardest to finish it. but since the move, i have found that my reading time has dwindled and i really need to set aside time in the week to read a bit.

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