a hectic month

We knew that life would be changing at the beginning of March, but just how hectic and exhausting it was to become we could not have prepared for. Of course the husband had been working in Düsseldorf since September, but having both of us commuting such a distance each day really began to wear on us. Luckily, we found an apartment quickly and moved at the end of March!!

As much as we are sad to be leaving Bonn, we are really looking forward to the shorter days (instead of 13 hours away from home, it will only be 9) and getting to know a new city! Waking up at 5:15 to be at work by 8:30 and getting home at 7:30pm is really tiring after a few days…I don’t know how the husband did it for six months with minimal complaints. My complaints started pouring in after just a week…

The new job is going really well, a big learning curve going from working in English to German, but completely achievable. I have noticed in the past four weeks that my German is better than I normally give myself credit for. Of course there is room for improvement, but the fact that I can manage working in a professional environment in German eight hours a day is really pleasing!

The end of the month did not mean the end of the chaos, however. We spent the first weekend of April relocating to Düsseldorf, and, as with any move, we ran into unexpected problems. In the new apartment, the electricity only worked on one half of the apartment and the tv/internet was nonexistent for 5 days. Other than that, it went smoothly. The pup was unsure of the new place at first, but once he saw the old apartment was empty, he completely warmed up! Also, there is a fenced in area at the Zoopark near us where he can run around and play with new friends…which makes my heart happy for him!

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