newness in 2016


so far this year has been about facing my fears and trusting that the decisions we are making are the best for our future. from the small things, like getting bangs (!) to quitting my job to start something new. i decided to stop living in the fear of “what if” and dive head first into the chances that were presented and hard earned. not decisions that have been taken lightly for different reasons, but all things that are shaping our 2016 in ways we could have only dreamed.

in march of this year i will start working at a private university here in germany, and we will most likely be relocating to düsseldorf. that is a bit of a touchy topic right now, but we are handling it the best way we know how. so the next few weeks are going to be full of goodbyes at my current job, both with the students and coworkers, as well as exciting beginnings. more updates in the coming weeks as things progress, but i am very excited to be approaching 2016 head-on full of dreams to be realized!

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