book club for one – january

one of my goals for this year is to try and read 15 books. so roughly 1.something a month 😉 so far in january i’ve finished 2 and am three-quarters done with a third book…so i think this goal is achievable.

you might remember this post in which i documented all the partially read or completely unread novels and short story collections i have in my bookshelf. well, the two books i read aren’t even on that list!! guilty!

so, what did i read then?! well, i got The Lake House by Kate Morton for christmas, she’s one of my favorite authors, and just couldn’t contain my excitement! it took me less than a week to read, and for me that is VERY quick. it’s a bit of a mystery novel that keeps you guessing and trying to bring all the story lines together before the end is revealed. in each of her novels i get THIS close to figuring everything out, but i am always surprised by different aspects of how the story tie together. that in and of itself is quite an achievement for an author. the novel alternates between present day and snippets of the past that, in the end, intertwine in ways not thought possible! i don’t want to give too much away, other than say that you should also read it 🙂

the second book i read was from the library. Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid was recommended by TheSkimm and i put myself on the waiting list and ended up waiting roughly 2 months for it. this is another book that i finished within a week. totally different than the first book, much more “chick-lit” but enthralling enough to keep the pages turning. there’s no “who-done-it” or anything to solve, just an interesting theory put to word. i always loved the movie “sliding doors” when i was younger, that what-if moment in life where everything could change. and that is just what this book is about. and now that i’ve borrowed it from the library and liked it so much, i might just have to purchase it so that i can add it to my personal library 😉

the book i am currently reading was on my extensive reading list from last august, The Jane Austen Book Club. i won’t say i’m disappointed in the novel, it is probably more that the first two books of the year were so enjoyable, that anything else just seems sub-par. maybe it would also help if i had read more Jane Austen novels than only Pride and Prejudice…then maybe i would catch onto some of the underlying themes throughout the novel.

i’ll update you again at the end of february to see if i’m still on par and give a small account of what was read

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