a winter’s day in paris

when my parents and sister were here in december, we decided to take a one day, whirlwind trip to paris! i had been a few times before and was our official tour guide! we chose to hit all the major sites, but didn’t have time to go inside and/or up any of those sites. so it was definitely a chaotic and fast day, but so much fun!

we took the thalys in the morning from cologne and arrived in paris shortly after 10am. we got lucky and had the most GORGEOUS sunny weather the whole day! i was getting nervous as it was getting closer because my phone kept saying “dreary”…but technology isn’t right!

we started the trip by purchasing our day ticket for the metro, otherwise i don’t think we would have managed to get around and see everything in such a short amount of time (our thalys back to germany departed at 6pm). afterward, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. we got out at Trocadero, which i feel offers the best and most striking view of the tower upon first seeing it. then you can walk across the bridge and walk up the other side of the tower towards the military school. after this we took a quick wander over to Les Invalides and Musée Rodin, both within walking distance. i got super excited when we turned the corner to Musée Rodin and didn’t see a line snaking down the street…little did i know that they finally finished the entrance to the museum and the line is now inside the courtyard 🙁 we decided to skip it and have lunch in the gardens at Les Invalides and continue our journey.

we hopped back on the metro and made our way to the Arc de Triomphe, which is breathtaking up close. then we wandered down the Champs-Élysées towards the Place de la Concorde and finally to the Louvre. fortunately, the Louvre was closed that day and we didn’t have to fight a massive crowd! at this point we had only 3 stops left on our tour and we were doing great on time! so we took the metro over to the 3rd arrondisement and went by foot via Île St. Louis to the Notre Dame. we came upon the cathedral from behind with the flying buttresses, one of the best views in my opinion! unfortunately, the line to go in the cathedral was ridiculously long, so we had to settle for the outside and surrounding gardens. then we headed back to the metro towards the Bastille. however, this is where our trip kind of hit a stand-still. at some point between we we boarded the metro and when we alighted, my dad’s mobile phone was either lost or stolen :/. he had been taking a photo diary of the trip, and this was especially devastating for him. i went back in and spoke with information, however a phone matching his description had not been turned in. we chose to abandon our plane to go to Sacré Coeur and went back to the Gare du Nord in order to try to cancel his phone, etc. luckily, my sister has a way with finding wifi, etc. and by the time we boarded our train back to cologne, everything was solved!

i only took a few photos:

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