dear 2016,

i know there will come times this year when, as they say, the “going gets tough”…or we might lose track of what our dreams and goals really are. i just hope that, through it all, we remain true to ourselves, happy, healthy and in love with life!

life is bound to throw us a curve ball every once in a while, or even more often than that, but my wish for this year is that we keep our ground and learn to “roll with the punches” and come out stronger than ever.

if anything, 2015 taught us to stay strong as a team of two (plus pup) in times of adversity. i believe that in 2016 we will continue on that path.

this is not a pessimistic outlook at the onset of a new year, just my wish that whatever comes our way that we take it with grace and courage, the good and the bad. as we have a lot of exciting plans for this year, my hope is that we cherish every one of them. document as much as possible, experience it together (with the pup when possible) and continue to love these lives we have been given.

much love,

the heikamps

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