2015 in review

this past year was full of ups and downs for us, but the last few months definitely caused the year to end on a very high note!

  • after a long search (6+ months) the husband landed his first grown-up job, just so happens to be the one he was really wanting!
  • in january he also finished his master’s degree, and became a lord in february
  • the pup had a FULL year with no health scares, plus he no longer has to have his monthly injections!
  • officially finished the process of changing my name, only took 2+ years…
  • i finished my master’s thesis and received my final grade just in time for christmas!
  • my best friend and her boyfriend came for a little visit to Amsterdam and German
  • the parentals and my sister came for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!! (christmas included)

we hope for the highs to continue into the new year!

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