perks of the husband’s job – signal iduna park

last weekend we got to watch the dortmund match courtesy of the husband’s job. the only downside was that we were there at 9:15am, the match started at 3:30pm, and didn’t get home until roughly 9:00pm. other than that, it was a great day! since we got the tickets through the husband’s job, we also got to go “behind the scenes” and walk on the field…that was so exciting! we also got to sit on the “south tribune” which is where the die-hard fans sit…that was definitely an experience. i had only been to one match previously, back my first year here, and this time i feel like i was able to enjoy it a lot more! that could be because i know who the players are and quite enjoy it now 😉

disclaimer, three years ago i held zero interest in soccer…but living in a country where it is so loved, it’s kind of impossible to not fall in love with it yourself. i have two favorite teams, one is the same as the husband’s, the other i picked myself after watching for 2 seasons.

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