an expat thanksgiving

one of the hardest parts about living in another country with a different culture and different holidays is missing out on some of my favorite holidays with my family. thanksgiving has always been one of my favorites, i think because my g-dad and nana used to arrive from delaware around this time and would spend the next month with us. which meant lots of family time! (and of course, christmas is only a month away ;)). now being away, and being the only american amongst my people here, i find it hard to still celebrate thanksgiving in a way in which everyone will understand, and in which reminds me as much of home as possible. i know that’s probably asking a little too much, but i always want to try.

this year, however, i have come to the realization that working the evening shift on thanksgiving doesn’t enable me to make a thanksgiving dinner, or lunch considering the husband is at work. also, going through the hassle of making a typical thanksgiving dinner for 2 people just doesn’t seem worth it. so i have conceded that thanksgiving in germany just isn’t going to work this year. i will wish people happy thanksgiving at every chance i get, and explain to those who don’t understand exactly what it means. and i will remind myself that once we have a family of our own, then we can initiate the thanksgiving traditions i love. but until then, this will be just another Thursday in germany…

happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

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