Reichsburg Cochem

on the same day that we went to Burg Eltz we also ventured over to the little town of Cochem. i had been googling which castles we wanted to visit with the car, and since both of these were in the same area, we figured we should just make a day of it.

Reichsburg Cochem is definitely not as popular as Burg Eltz, but that doesn’t mean it is any less enchanting. our run of luck continued as we arrived at the gates at 5:03pm, the sign said that the last tour starts at 5pm…we tried anyways, and were informed that they were waiting a few more minutes to start so we could join if we wanted!! so happy we went ahead and asked! since we were the last tour of the day, our lovely guide went at a leisurely pace and allowed us ample time in each room to look around, take pictures (!) and ask questions. the history of the castle itself is quite impressive which you can read more about here. the only down side was that my camera died before we made it to the balcony with views of the Mosel…:/

it’s hard to compare the two castles because they are so very different from one another. the accessibility of Reichsburg Cochem is a bit more favorable, but the secluded location of Burg Eltz is also spectacular. therefore, i recommend visiting both 😉

now for some pictures!

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