Burg Eltz

a few weekends ago we went on a day-long castle hunting adventure. i got the name castle hunting from a colleague who regularly seeks out castles in her spare time! we took our new car (!) out for a mini-roadtrip to the state just south of us, rheinland pfalz (rhineland palatinate) and through the winding hills to a little village called münstermaifeld. although our gps tried to get us lost a few times, we ended up turning it off and following the signs and showed up about an hour and a half after leaving bonn. (this type of trip was out of the question before we had a car because by train it would take like 3,5 hours, and then you’d have to still walk to the castle location up in the hills)

luck was on our side that whole day. before we left the apartment we were thinking, should we go to the bank and get some cash out? nah, we should be able to pay with debit card, no problem! well…we get there and you are supposed to pay 2€ to park…luckily the guy was super nice and was just like, pay for your tour and its OK. phew! then we get inside and buy our ticket, reduced cost as we both are in possession of a student ID, 13€…but the minimum card purchase is 30€…but the husband came to the rescue and asked an older couple if they were planning to buy tickets for the tour, they said yes, and we asked if we could pay their ticket and they pay us back in cash…no problem! so after that small ordeal we made it onto the tour, and man am i glad the husband is resourceful! from the outside burg eltz is a quintessential castle, but from the inside it is just amazing! the views it offers to the valley surrounding it are amazing, definitely worth the trouble of deciding not to go to the bank. next time we know our lesson!

we did the tour in german, and i think i understood most of everything. the guide didn’t have a super strong accent and enunciated his words well enough to where i could follow. the group before us was in english, and i think some of the people in our group were unaware of that as they joined the german tour without knowing a lick of german (poor guys!). anyways, going on guided tours is always well worth it, as the guide goes “off-script” sometimes and tells you some extra information that might not be in your guidebook. pictures are not allowed within the castle, however i think the outside demonstrates just how grand of a place it is. unfortunately, the castle is closed during the winter months, as i think everything freezes over and it might be quite dangerous to try and even get there! keep scrolling for some pictures 🙂

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