wedding-iversary 2 – doggie swim day!

about a month ago, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. it just so happened to coincide with “Hunde im Freibad” day at one of the local swimming pools here in bonn. i was beyond excited for this! the husband gladly went along with my crazy plan to teach our 13year old dog a new trick…swimming! well, my plan kind of back-fired when it turned out that the pup wasn’t so into the whole swimming idea…and that the weather wasn’t so agreeable! he was completely worn out within 30 minutes, and continued to sleep the rest of that day as well as most of the next day…using all those muscles for swimming that he has never had to use before will do that to an old guy like him!

anyways, of course i had to document the outing…as the proud pup-mom that i am!

IMAG1461the lovely sign about the event…it was the last day of the swim season, so they opened the pool to all dogs, dechlorinated the water and let them have fun! plus the “,50€ pro Fuß und Pfote” – .50 cent per foot and paw…too cute!!!

IMAG1486_editedthe scene, other dogs enjoying themselves! we started out at the kiddie pool, for calmer water 😉

IMAG1466_editedthe look on the pup’s face when i asked him to get in the water…”what are you talking about lady?!”

IMAG1481_editedi can’t tell if the look on his face is pure hatred, fear or a combination of both…


IMAG1489_edited“yeah, no…i’m not taking a selfie with you…you tortured me and put me in water and made me swim…”

IMAG1491_editedwe graduated from the kiddie pool to the “big boy” pool and he showed off his swimming skills to all the other pups around!

by the time we were done, he was petrified that i would pick him up and put him back in the pool again…i guess it’s safe to say that we won’t be doing this next year!!

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