never ending to-do list

and at the top of that list is always “thesis” yet somehow it is the one thing that i skirt around the entire week!

each sunday i sit down and make a “to do” list for the coming week, like when i need to work, how many times i will workout, any appointments i have, as well as which sections of my thesis i would like to finish. i also use my google calendar and plan out the hours of my day…yet some things (read: thesis) continually get pushed aside. it’s most likely because i can always find something more exciting or entertaining to do, and that doesn’t take much effort. however, i know i need to really get down to business here!

i’ve looked up tips on handling procrastination, but that just enables the bad habit even more! so i am making a promise to myself that this coming week, and for the weeks to come, i am going to keep to my schedule. i have tried to keep it reasonable in the hopes that it won’t cause me to procrastinate just because i think the task at hand is impossible 😉

one thing that i will need to keep doing is to cut off the internet to my laptop whenever i’m home. internet just fuels my procrastination! so this coming week whenever my google calendar tells me i should be working on my thesis, my internet will be turned off. i know this method works for me, because then i get things done quickly and can get on to things i would much rather be doing.

however, that also means that for the next few weeks, until this thing is finished, i will only be updating once per week. i have some pictures from a couple of weekends ago that i want to share, we took the pup swimming(!), but those will have to wait until i have some real spare time!

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