goodbye summer, hello fall!

in germany we don’t have the pleasure of a final summer holiday to remind us that the season is coming to a close. we do, however, have mother nature giving us a not so subtle reminder that colder weather is coming!

august 31st was literally the last day of summer for us (saving any indian summers), and it was a nice 31° (88°f) and absolutely gorgeous. the 1st of september rolls around and it falls to 18° (64°f) and constant rain…womp womp! mother nature can be lovely that way. luckily the weather has evened out since then and it is nice and brisk out, but brilliant sunshine! but besides the weather, we are already seeing some changes in the leaves, which is by far my favorite aspect of fall!

this summer was a good one, even though we were in bonn the whole time, we still made the most of our time here. but we are definitely looking forward to next year and some summer vacations!!! is it sad that i am already looking forward to it?!

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