wine night


last saturday we had a couple of friends over for some wine tasting. the husband has started making his own fruit wines, and considering how much he makes, we cannot drink it all ourselves, plus its more fun with friends!

in the past few months he has tried making wine out of a multitude of fruits…think cherry, banana, cherry/banana, raspberry, raspberry/banana, apple, wild fruit, passion fruit, pineapple, strawberry (both fresh and from frozen fruits), strawberry/kiwi, mango and rhubarb/pear. wow…i didn’t realize it was so many different kinds he has made already. he bought these large containers that he makes them in, and normally he has two or three brewing at a time. on average they take about 6 weeks until they are ready and he makes about 4 liters per flavor.

so, last week we had all the wines ready to do some tasting! that’s 14 wines to taste, so it was definitely an entertaining evening! we made flammkuchen (a typical german dish) and had some different baguettes and cheeses to taste as well. it really turned out to be a nice evening! we had a scorecard going for each person, where they could rate the wines and find out which one was the best. overall, the worst was the rhubarb/pear…but that’s OK, we weren’t expecting much out of that one. the best was different for each person. personally i love the pineapple one, but the husband prefers the banana one.

i’m sure next spring and summer we will have quite few brewing, maybe some of the same, or some new ones, not sure! over the winter i’m not sure which ones he wants to make. as glühwein (or mulled wine) is so popular here, especially at the christmas markets, we might just stick to flavoring our glühwein! but the next flavor we have is blackberry, it should be ready in the next few days, definitely looking forward to it!!

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