finishing my studies

as i’ve said before, when i moved to germany i never imagined i would be going back to get my master’s degree. and i honestly still cannot believe i am a few short weeks away from being finished…for good! (well, that’s what i though back in 2010 as well, you never know)

i am currently in the process of writing my last paper…a major task considering it has to be a minimum of 60 pages. i am currently on page 17, but have run into a wall this past week. lacking motivation to write…there’s always something else i would rather do…i guess that’s the inner procrastination working 😉

anyways, i have finally officially signed up for my thesis…meaning the end is really coming. there is now a deadline to when i need to finish my studies and no longer be a student. i am definitely looking forward to life after uni, but at the same time it has kind of become my safety net here. moving overseas knowing only one person, signing up at the uni really helped me to meet people and broaden my horizons. in school i never really enjoyed english lit classes, but for the first time in my life i am able to write papers on books i have read and feel confident in the product i have created. many people question why i signed up for english lit while living in germany, and honestly there is no other reason than when the opportunity presented itself, i took it!

side note: germans are all about qualifications. even to work in department stores as a sales person you should have a proper training (think 2 years of schooling), so the fact that in a few months i will officially have my master’s degree, i will (theoretically) have more job opportunities.

so, as i struggle to crunch out these remaining 45+ pages, i keep reminding myself how thankful i am to have been given the opportunity to study in another country, to appreciate literature in a manner in which i was previously not capable, and for the friends i have met over the past 2 years. moving abroad is hard, but if you have the possibility to further your education (for less than 300€ a semester) i highly recommend a master’s degree abroad.

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