if you would have told me…

as a kid that i actually love asian food, i would have laughed in your face. or that maybe i really do like coffee, i wouldn’t have believed you! however, living overseas and forcing myself to try new things has really opened my eyes to things i have always told myself i don’t like, this does not apply only to food, but to views on life in general.

growing up, i was one of the pickiest eaters, and feel quite sorry for my parents having to deal with it. now i will try most things at least once. at restaurants, i still stick to familiar dishes, but when we cook during the week i am much more open to new things. like the past week we made a soup with swiss chard…i had never even heard of that food six months ago! and its quite delicious! or avocados, kale, zucchini, garlic, onions, coconut anything…the list goes on…i’ve officially been converted to a non-picky eater! it probably helps that the husband will literally eat anything you offer him. the only food that will perpetually remain on the dislike list…fish! and i have tried, multiple times…just can’t get it!

oh and coffee…mind you, i don’t go out of my way to order it, even when bonn is full of some cute little cafés. but the husband has this pretty amazing coffee machine that i have been taking advantage of this week. having never been a morning person (any time before 9am is too early…), i fully understand why so many people drink coffee. i decided to give up cola for good a few weeks ago (i would drink it a few times a month, but kicked that habit), and found myself needing caffeine for daily 7:30am alarms. plus, it really gives me the energy to take care of an energetic 3 1/2 year old for four hours daily! i take my coffee with plenty of milk and a bit of chocolate shavings thrown in for good measure 😉

but the biggest fact about my life that continues to amaze me, is the fact that i get to live in germany with my amazing husband and pup, but still not feel like i am separated from my family. mind you, thousands of miles (5,156 to be exact), can be difficult…but skype and whatsapp and other forms of communication make that distance bearable. living overseas was always something i dreamed of, but never thought it would happen in the way it has, and that it would be so “permanent”

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