a reading list

i was going to attempt to put a year or season on this reading list, but some of the books have been on my bookshelf for years that it seems inaccurate to put any specific date on it, therefore i will just call it ‘a reading list’

i remember in school only liking books that weren’t assigned, and even after studying english literature for my master’s, this feeling hasn’t changed. throughout the four semesters i only finished 7 books, maximum, out of at least 25 assigned (three of those being The Hunger Games trilogy, Pride and Prejudice (having already read it) and 2 books that had been on my ‘to-read’ list for a VERY long time) so, suffice it to say that assigned reading has never really been my strong suit! that in mind, i will be finishing my master’s degree in the coming months, so my massive stack of ‘to-read’ books should start dwindling soon.018each of these books has a bookmark in it at some place, started at some point in time but never finished…that has become a really bad habit recently. Revolutionary Road has been on my bookshelf since i studied abroad in France in 2009, Fall of Giants has been on my bedside table for roughly a year and a half. come october, i will no longer have the excuse of uni keeping me from reading (but we all know that was never really the case, was it?!). i hope though, that once i have free time to spend how i want that i will be able to sit down and read for pleasure a bit more. i intend to read the second and third installments of the Century Trilogy, so i think that one might top my list of to-read books. i’ve heard so many great reviews of Sedaris’ work that i had to give it a try, and the short stories i’ve read in Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim thus far are top notch! Lolita and The Age of Innocence are classics that i think i should read, they might take a bit longer to get to though 😉

019now this list is completely untouched. historical fiction has always been highly interesting to me, so i hope the Larson novel, The Devil in the White City, lives up to his name and reputation. Persuasion because, well, it’s Jane Austen! a classic that i really want to read! Hell’s Corner was given to me by my mother-in-law and the synopsis sounds interesting enough (the husband’s whole family is keen on thrillers, not so my thing, but we shall see). The Jane Austen Book Club was also a gift from my mother-in-law, seems a bit more up my alley ;). i hope having seen (and loved) the film version of Atonement doesn’t ruin the book. The Opposite of Loneliness and The Goldfinch are very recent purchases and both come highly recommended. Loneliness is a collection of short stories written by a young author who passed away shortly after graduating from Yale, and her voice is said to represent my generation.

hopefully by the end of the year i can do a review of the books i’ve finished and see just how far into my list i really have gotten. there are 2 more books to be delivered at some point in october, but those shall have to join the list at a later time!

do you have any recommendations? what are some of your favorite books, authors? happy reading!

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