the apartment tour

so last month i gave an overview of our “new” apartment and promised to upload some photos…well i took them that day but never got around to putting them up here…sorry! but now that classes are over and i have a bit more “free” (read procrastination) time on my hands, i thought…better late than never!

first, the kitchen:

our kitchen is fairly a nice size, we have put our dining table in there. one side is pushed against the wall, but when we have guests over we can pull it out and sit 6 nicely! as our walls are a little unstable, we have gone for open shelves versus bigger, bulkier cabinets. for us it works. we have a nice cabinet just outside the kitchen that we keep our plates and glasses in…so that is a big help!

the living room:

when we first visited this apartment, before finding out we got it, we fell in love with the layout. to my american friends and family, this might seem like a typical layout of an apartment (an open living room, etc.) but in germany it is far from “normal.” the whole apartment really flows off of this living room, the hall leads down to the bedroom and the husband’s office, but the living room is really the heart of the place. the map in our entry way is a gift i gave the husband a few christmases ago and we scratch off the countries we have been to. hopefully in the next few years we can get a few more colors on there 😉

the bedroom:

the only downside of our apartment is that we are in what germans call “dachgeschoß” – basically meaning the attic. so that means we have a few slanted ceilings and hold a lot of heat in the summer…only the second part is the bad part. the only room that has extreme ceilings is the bedroom, that is why we decided to arrange the rooms in the way we did. we could have easily made one of the other 2 rooms our bedroom, but then we would not have been able to fully use the current bedroom in a manner in which you can use the majority of the space. you can tell from the image with the bed that the ceiling really is extreme in this room, but the wall to the left is fully upright, and since we only sleep in here, it doesn’t interfere with too much.

my “office”:

the husband has his own “office” as well, but i didn’t photograph it because he was working and i didn’t want to bother him ;). also in my office is our wardrobe, one from ikea. since the bedroom does not have enough space for it, we put it in here and it really doesn’t take up so much space, i don’t know what i would do with that space otherwise. i use a yoga ball as the chair at my desk, might seem strange, but it is really comfy to sit on, and a nice little workout ;). the couch in my office used to belong to the in-laws, and the husband wanted to keep it as it is a memento for him, the pup seems to find it super comfy as well!!

like i said in the previous post, even though our apartment is only 58m², it really feels so much bigger!

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