the ‘new’ apartment

a year ago this month, the husband and i moved to our ‘new’ apartment

we were so excited to be upgrading! i was so excited to have OUR first apartment together. when the pup and i moved here, we moved into the husband’s ‘old’ apartment with him and we lived there for a year and a half (he was there for 3ish years before). a place we could use our new dishes and cutlery and everything all newlyweds look forward to doing. and looking back now, i am still so happy about our ‘new’ place 🙂

to put it in context, we upgraded quite a bit. our ‘old’ apartment was only 27 square meters (290 square feet). any time i mentioned that to my friends back in the states they could barely comprehend how it was possible. but, while we were living there it was a total non-issue. it was more than enough space for us at the time…however, looking back now, we cannot comprehend going back to an apartment that small 😉 our ‘new’ apartment is no mansion, but a much more reasonable size. we now have an average american apartment, 58 square meters (625 square feet). with 3 rooms (a bedroom and 2 studies), plus a living room and separate kitchen (the ‘old’ one was just a loft). so looking back, we are more than happy that we finally found an apartment that is perfectly suited for the 3 of us (husband, pup and i). here’s to a few more years in this place before we upgrade again 😉

next time i will add a few photos of our ‘new’ apartment

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