five years ago already?!

it’s hard to believe that i graduated from The University of Texas five years ago…and even harder to believe how much my life has changed in those five years.

during my time at UT, i realized that i wanted to experience as much of the world as possible. through my major, european studies, i was forced to spend one semester abroad and took courses which truly broadened my horizons. the summer i spent in france taught me to trust my instincts, and that while my abnormal major might frustrate my parents, it will lead to a broad number of possibilities in the future. without studying what i did, i might not have been as willing and understanding with other cultures. i might not have ever taken the opportunity to study in a different country and to understand different approaches to life. for this i am forever grateful to UT. while my current line of work and master’s program does not directly correlate to what i studied for my bachelor, it opened the doors and made it all possible.

if i could have told myself five years ago that in 2013 you will move to germany and later end up marrying a german, i probably would have laughed and thought it impossible. for one, i loved france (still do, honestly), but i also couldn’t imagine being so far from family and friends. while that second statement is still true, i have found that distance does not hinder relationships, in fact it strengthens them in manner which i was previously unaware. i have also come to have a family here in germany that i love and cherish more than i thought possible.

so my advice to all upcoming graduates, trust in what you have learned in the past 4+ years at university. trust in the person that it has shaped you into being, you will use what you have learned in ways you might not have thought possible, and the future is always adaptable to your needs.

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