konrad adenauer haus | Bad Honnef

a few weekends ago we decided to take advantage of “internationaler museumstag” and gain free entrance to adenauer haus just south of bonn. konrad adenauer was the first post-war chancellor of germany (he was the previous mayor of cologne before the war), and the house in bad honnef is where he lived while chancellor (as bonn was the capital of west germany). we were able to look at some momentos of his in the add-on to the house, as well as take a self-guided tour of the house. in each of the rooms there was a “host” who would explain to the visitors key aspects of the room, as well as nice anecdotes.

even though the husband is from bonn, he has never been to the house, so it was a nice little afternoon for both of us. all we had to do was jump on the subway and take it about 20 minutes south of bonn, on the other side of the rhine, then follow the signs (easier said than done) to the house. normally the house is only open to paid, guided tours, so we took full advantage of the free entrance due to the “internationaler museumstag”

as we got out of the subway, we followed the signs into town, then got distracted by the beautiful buildings, and my wanting to take pictures, that we ended up walking 10 minutes in the wrong direction because we missed one of the signs…oops!! it was all ok though, the scenery more than made up for it.

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