a little crafting with A Beautiful Mess

ever since we moved into the “new” apartment last year, i have been trying to find some decorative dishes to put on the entry way table where we can put our keys and such. i never really liked what i found in the stores, they were to dependent on the season, and those online just never seemed right. so, after following a crafting blog on instagram (a beautiful mess), i decided to give one of their crafts a try…why not?!

we went to the hardware store and found most of the necessary ingredients and spent last sunday making the dishes. it was so much fun to make stuff that we can actually use. while they may not have turned out as amazing as the ones created by the professionals, we are very happy with the results. we also realized that it is a good gift to be able to give for birthdays, housewarmings or Christmas.

we ended up making one for each of us, as well as one for the pup (he may not have keys, but other things we need to bring with us on his walks, so he deserved one too 😉 )

IMAG1153we actually didn’t end up having enough clay, stupid conversion rates, but in the end they turned out OK, just thinner. i chose to make mine with turquoise and yellow

IMAG1154i forgot just how much fun doing crafts is, how easy a distraction it is and how happy it makes you. i used my storage shelf as my work surface…takes too much effort to clear of the desk 😉

IMAG1167^^the finished products^^, i think we will end up making a few more. either for ourselves, or others and we will get better at it. we still have not glossed them over yet (not sure if the husband wants his glossy…) but they still met our needs 🙂

if you want to try the same idea, just go here!

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