spring is here!

this month has reminded me why i love spring so much (even if my allergies don’t)! the city wakes up after winter and puts on such a gorgeous show for everyone around! you’d have to be a hermit to miss it 😉

after living in houston my whole life, it is eye opening to live in a city that experiences all 4 seasons. growing up, we knew only summer and “winter”…now, after having experienced them all, i have to say that spring and fall are giving summer a run for its money as “best season ever!”

one of my favorite things is to see the change in the trees, not only the flowering ones, but to look out my window and see greenery everywhere…it’s quite amazing!! but the flowering trees are in a realm all their own. if you do a google image search for “cherry blossoms bonn” you will be graced with some pretty spectacular pictures. before moving here, i thought for sure they had to be photoshopped…but after witnessing them for the past 3 springs, i am a firm believer in the beauty of nature!

the flowers have hit their peak and are starting to fade away, but the fact that you can walk around this city and see it coming back to life is nothing short of amazing!

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