hibernation is over

the self-induced term paper hibernation has finally ended!!! i always find the time between semesters, normally where one would think you have free time and envision the “perks of student life”, to be the most stressful! let me explain, in Germany the semesters last from October – March and April – September, so there really is no “semester break” (unlike in the US where it was September – December and January – May). so although classes end the first week of February, students have until the end of March to finish X number of term papers, or write X number of exams, easy enough. however, i want to write my master’s thesis this semester and don’t want to be distracted by other papers that i don’t care as much about…hence i wrote three 15+ page term papers in 6 weeks…suffice it to say, my brain is MUSH!!

the day i turned in my papers, March 31st, i came home and passed out on the couch for 2 hours, i didn’t realize, or didn’t want to admit to myself, how exhausted i truly was. but i accomplished my goal and only have my thesis left, and my oh my what a relief that is!! the new semester starts in a few short days, but i am already looking forward to graduating and being a non-student again. a few years ago i never could have imagined going back to uni and getting my master’s degree, but i am so happy i went through with it. i hope i am able to really take in the next few weeks and months and really enjoy the last moments of “student life” because i know in a few year’s time i will be begging for it back 😉

so now that my hibernation has ended, i hope to get back to posting regularly about life here in fabulous bonn. my second favorite season is coming up and it is a time in which i really enjoy the beauty of living in a city with all four seasons! stay tuned 😉


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