turning stress into happiness

these past few weeks have been quite stressful. trying to write three 15-page papers by the end of the month will do that to you. but, amid all the stress, i’ve been trying to remember some of the things that make me happy and it has helped alleviate some of the stress. so here are some of the ones that always make the list (in no particular order)

  • the look on the husbands face when i ask the same questions every weekend in regards to soccer (ie: who is that guy? what country does he play for in the world cup? does he normally play?)
  • spring is coming!!! i cannot wait to go outside without a big winter jacket
  • with the weather comes the fact that i can ride my bike nearly everywhere again…i love it!
  • waking up with no alarm
  • our little collection of candy, a small bag of HARIBO goes a long way 😉
  • sitting on the couch and watching american TV shows, helps with the random bouts of homesickness too
  • setting goals and achieving them – that’s a big one right about now, especially with these term papers

it’s amazing what happy thoughts can do to your spirit!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! So easy to let stress get in the way sometimes..

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