our OSCARS tradition

this past weekend the annual academy awards were held in LA. it is an award show that i have loved watching since i was a kid,and i am glad that the husband has gotten into it with me. it is a bit difficult now that i am living 7+ hours ahead, but luckily we had a bad night sleeping and were able to watch the show instead 😉 we were up from 3ish until it finished at 6ish (am!).

so the tradition we have come up with is:

  1. make a list of all movies nominated for *best picture; *best actor/actress; *supporting actor/actress; *animated feature; *director (if different from above) -this allows us to get a big overview of most movies nominated
  2. watch each movie listed
  3. make picks as to which films and people will win which awards
  4. the winner gets a prize!

luckily, most of the movies that are nominated are already on our “to see” list, so we don’t have to stretch much to get it all done. this year, however, we watched the last nominated film on sunday…but, since we are those 7 hours ahead, it was possible!

we like doing this for multiple reasons…we LOVE watching movies, and we LOVE competing against each other (those are the biggest two). but its also fun to see which movies we liked and didn’t, as well as which ones we did that don’t get nominated…then complaining that some of the ones we disliked should be replaced by some of our favorites 😉

regarding this years show, we printed out our ballots and made our picks. we had only 7 categories different. which is actually surprising, considering we don’t normally have the same taste in movies, but i think at some point we vote for what we know will win versus what we truly liked…oh well! as it came down to the last 5-ish awards, the husband was like…”ok, this is it…you have 2 more than me and we have only 2 left that are different. i need to get this one right!”…well, he didn’t, so i won!!! this seems to be the only competition that we have in which i regularly perform better than him (i chalk it up to years of watching the ceremonies;) ).

so what were our picks this year? not like it matters, since it is over, but we were highly disappointed with the “BIG” win of the night…we thought Birdman was a crappy movie, or, more accurately, not our taste. that’s why we couldn’t force ourselves to pick it for best picture, even though we had a feeling it would win.

  • best picture: Grand Budapest Hotel, such a funny and fresh film. although it is quite hard for a comedy to win the BIG one
  • actor: Eddie Redmayne…i don’t know how anyone could have voted against him in this film, he was incredible, and definitely deserved his win
  • actress: Julianne Moore…again, she did a really great job. there were a lot of good contenders (the only film we didn’t watch was the french language one 2 days 1 night)
  • supporting actor: J. K. Simmons…like the best actor category, he blew the competition away.
  • supporting actress: i picked Keira Knightley, the husband picked Emma Stone…neither won, but we didn’t pick the winner because we were unimpressed with Boyhood overall
  • animated feature: big hero 6, although how to train your dragon 2 was a close second 😉
  • director: Wes Anderson, as you can tell, we quite liked Grand Budapest

other movies we liked that were nominated: Whiplash (highly recommend it!), The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything. all of those movies were also nominated for the best picture.

movies we liked that didn’t get nominated: Interstellar!!!! there were only 8 best picture nominations when there is place for 10, we are still at a loss as to why it wasn’t included

movies we did NOT like that were nominated: American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood. the first one…well, we just really disliked it. Birdman, as i previously wrote…not our style. and Boyhood, we just felt they could have done so much more with the script…yes it is a feat that it was filmed over 12 years and such, but still it fell short for us.

until next year, Oscar!

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