winter came to visit

being a girl from texas, the only thing in winter that can put a smile on my face is SNOW!!!

so last weekend when the husband told me it was snowing, i jumped out of bed so fast and ran over to the window and literally starting jumping up and down! i couldn’t contain my excitement!! it was something that lasted the whole day, and even into the next as the snow hung around a little longer.

last winter we didn’t get ANY snow, so it was quite a let down, but last weekend made up for it. within an hour it had snowed enough to blanket the whole city in a lovely shade of white fluffiness! i took the pup out on 2 longer walks that day, as he loves running through the snow, and we just took it all in. on monday, though, the snow had all melted, and it was back to dreary weather (honestly, that is the description my phone gives me…)…but that’s ok because we have had our snow day! now i’m patiently waiting for the next snow to build my first EVER snowman!

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