flashback 6 months – weltmeister!

6 months ago today, Germany won the World Cup in Brazil! man oh man, was that a stressful but in the end exciting and exhilarating game (and experience)!!

i remember back in 2010 watching the world cup and spain celebrating the victory, and thinking “wow, that would be so cool to be in, or live in, a country when they won the world cup.” never did i honestly think it would happen, nothing against the american team, they’re the first ones i’ll support, but the likelihood of them winning is so slim…so when july 13th rolled around and germany was actually in the final, then won…wow, was that an experience!!

in typical german manner, the country wasn’t getting their hopes up in the beginning games. but once they beat france, i think the whole country had expectations to the moon, if not further!

i remember as the day of the final approached, we were trying to figure out where to watch the match. we wanted to watch it somewhere public, so that when the win comes, we can celebrate in style. so we went to the rheinaue, which is basically a big open greenspace just south of the city. they had a big screen set up, and could hold thousands of spectators. but…luck would have it that it was POURING down rain almost the whole day leading up to the match. for us it was in the evening, but we headed over anyways…there was no way we were missing out on this! the rain was bearable for the first half, but then at half time the skies let loose and we decided to run home. we made it just in time for the second half to kick off! we watched the second half, plus the 30 minutes overtime on the couch, and then once the final goal was scored by Mario Götze, we headed to the city for the celebrations! i hope the image of the husband jumping up and down excitedly, and screaming in celebration, sticks in my mind forever…he was so happy!!!

by clicking the link, you can see a few pictures of the day 🙂

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