new year, new resolutions and traditions

as we are now 11 full days into 2015, i figured it was time to document our resolutions for the new year and share a little german tradition from new year’s eve.

so for the pup, he resolves to be more adorable than ever and eat as many dentist sticks and treats as possible ­čśë

the husband doesn’t like resolutions, so he said he just wants to be better than last year.

for me, i am resolving to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. they are resolutions that can easily be kept in mind throughout the year, and are more about creating a habit out of being more nutritious.

now onto the german traditions, it’s called “bleigie├čen” which literally translates to “lead pouring.” so you can go to the store and buy a little kit that gives you small pieces of lead which you are to put in a spoon and hold over a flame. you then wait for it to melt and pour it into a glass of water. the lead then takes form and you interpret this form into a shape with a corresponding fortune for the the coming year.IMAG0911IMAG0916

our fortunes, one for each of us (pup included), represent a heart (looked like a human heart) for me, a horn for the pup and a nail for the husband.

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