3 christmas markets

returning to christmas one last time for this season, i want to share a few pictures and words of and about the christmas markets that we attended this past holiday season.

the first, and most frequently visited, was the market in bonn. being my second christmas in bonn, the experience was much closer to the ground than the first. the first year, everything was all new and so exciting! that’s not to say it wasn’t this time around, the excitement was still there and i think the love affair deepened…chirstmas is my favorite time of year and when the whole city dresses up, its just impossible to not get into the christmas spirit! anyways, the market covers 2 of the bigger squares in town and there are plenty of little stalls to shop at and glühwein to drink 😉

the next market we went to was located in…get this…a castle!!! there is a castle just outside of bonn called “drachenburg” which is located on a hill opposite the river south of bonn. this year they hosted a christmas market on the property, which is normally a bit difficult to get a tour of. it was amazing…not that it was any different than any other christmas market, but the location was AMAZING!! i think walking through the castle was more enjoyable than the market, but i think that’s because i’m a big sucker for castles 😀

the last market we went to for the season was in cologne. situated a mere 25 minutes from bonn, cologne is a larger city and, therefore, has multiple markets. we could have easily settled for going to the big one at the Kölner Dom, but decided to steer clear of the majority of the tourists and go to one of the more peaceful ones, and it paid off. much like the market at drachenburg, it was just magical. quite a serene location, and the lights which resembled a starry sky just totally sealed the deal for me!

so its safe to say that the christmas season was a success this year! i totally loved everything about the holidays…except that they are now over 😉

i hope everyone had a merry christmas and all the best in the new year!!

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  1. awesome pics and even better that it was in a castle! did you know the tattoo artist, Kat Von D (Katherine Von Drachenberg)…well that is her families castle. Only reason I know this is because she posted a pic of it on Instragram.

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