2 years ago today

the pup and i arrived on german soil 2 years ago today. we, the husband and i, had been building up to the day for more than 6 months and everything was finally coming together.

like most big moments in someones life, i remember most of what happened that day and the day before. the day before because it was the time to say “bye for now” to my parents and brother…that was hard! at that moment, none of us knew what would be in store in the ensuing months. saying bye to your parents is never an easy task, especially when you don’t quite know how long you’ll be gone. i think it might have been harder on them, as they were losing the pup too 😉 we hung out together at the airport for a while before it was time for the pup to be checked in (as he is too big, he had to fly under the plane)…that’s when the first round of tears set in. then about 30 minutes later came the BIG goodbye…a hard one, no doubt!

my parents have always been so supportive of my dreams and wishes that i knew the tears were sad, yet happy at heart. i wish there was a way to fully explain how grateful i am for their support over the years and their undying belief that i knew what i was doing…even if we all know i didn’t.

then i boarded the plane and let the next 9 hours pass, and they actually did quite quickly. the only bad part was that i had to eat fish on the flight bc they ran out of pasta…the random memories that stick 😀 . the part i was dreading the most, picking up the pup at the airport (i knew no german at this point) turned out to be the easiest thing ever! i don’t know if maybe i just got lucky, or if that is how it always is. but i had all of his papers ready to be inspected…but nothing! we both passed thru customs so quickly! then came the happy reunion with the then-boyfriend! even the pup was happy to see him!!

his parents came with him, talk about a first-time meeting with your future in-laws! we then drove home and i remember passing quite a few castles, and sitting in the backseat whispering to the husband “what is that?” “where are we now?” “how far away is bonn?”, etc. i was so nervous and tired that i didn’t think anything from that day would stick…but it did. i still remember us arriving to our old apartment and the husband pointed out that he changed the mailbox to read both of our names…its the little things that count the most! we spent the rest of the day unpacking, walking the pup and letting him explore his new territory and going to bed early.

i hope these memories continue to be as present in my mind. i think back to them at times when i am feeling lost here or wondering what life would be like back in the states if i had never left…but then i realize that everything here is just as it should be. we took this big risk in life…we gave up so many things, and got so much more than we imagined in return.

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