new traditions

christmastime is my favorite time of year, hands down! and now this joy is growing even more…the husband and i are finally starting to make our own traditions, that hopefully will continue as the years pass.

although it is sometimes hard to make new traditions on such a large holiday, we are making some progress. we’ve just run into a few hiccups along the way, but mainly due to cultural differences. so for background info…here are some ways in which germans celebrate christmas a little differently.

  • the most important day is december 24th
  • santa does not bring presents, christkind does (problematic in the future)
  • everything is closed from the 24th-26th

listing those characteristics doesn’t make it seem like much could come up to cause problems, but it does…trust me! i grew up always opening presents on the 25th, and prefer to do it with the whole family. the husband’s family does this on the 24th, but at their own homes and then we have dinner together. ok ok…so that isn’t too bad, just thinking of the future here with kids and how to get them as excited about christmas as i am (the husband isn’t too into it, thinks everything is overdone). then on the 25th (the american christmas) we spend at the parents-in-law as it is my mother-in-law’s birthday. ok, so i may be considered selfish here…but i want christmas morning at home, with the family, opening presents, eating cinnamon rolls, watching christmas movies, etc. maybe in the coming years this will change, but we shall wait and see.

anyways…moving onto those traditions.

  • we have decided to adopt “elf” and “home alone” as our christmas movies that we watch in the days leading up to christmas. i love it! they are both movies that do not fade in entertainment value over the years!
  • we also decided to purchase one new ornament each for our tree. last year my parents provided us a “first christmas” ornament and it was the lone ranger. this year, we each picked one out…so we are up to 3! but with our tiny tree, it looks good!
  • bake a dessert to bring to christmas eve dinner. this year i will try to bake apple pie…i’m excited and nervous about it…i’ve never made pie before!

i’m sure once we have kids that our list of traditions will grow, and that is something i am very excited about! i hope everyone has a very merry christmas!!!!

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