we’re officially official

when we were in the US in november, we had some professional pictures taken. for those of you from the US, this doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. but it took a while for the husband to get on board with the whole idea. so, in the US most people have a photographer to take engagement pictures, and, of course, to be at their wedding to document the day. but since we didn’t have the “typical” engagement or wedding, we never had the opportunity to have pictures of us taken.

anyways, we contacted a great photographer in the houston area, alicia pyne photography, and met her one morning to have some pictures taken. luck would have it, that it was the coldest day of the trip, only just above freezing (33°f) the whole time! but she did a lovely job! we are more than pleased with how all the pictures turned out, and can’t wait to get them printed and hung up in the apartment!

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