ballet beautiful

upon moving to germany, i struggled to find a workout regime that i could manage. i went with the husband to his gym once, and it was ok, but i was reluctant to join a gym because i prefer classes, and my german isn’t quite up to par. so i went back to a dvd that i had bought in the US before moving.

ballet beautiful is known for being not only the trainer to natalie portman for black swan, but more recently for being THE trainer for victoria’s secret angels. while i’m no victoria’s secret model, by any means, i love the workouts and truly believe that the method works on anyone who puts the work into it.

at first i only had the blast dvd, with 4x 15minute workouts. they were great, but i was getting bored using the same workouts week in – week out. i then decided to sign up for the custom workout, try it out for a month and see if it was something i liked. hands down, i loved it! i did it for 2 months then stopped, we moved and lost internet connection and it became hard to keep up with it while settling in to a new place. i then decided to buy all 4 dvds, and since my computer is zoned to the US, i was able to play all dvds regioned to the US on my computer! i picked the dvds up when i was in the US in the summer and decided to use those over the ensuing months. they are great, and the results are noticeable! once i got into a routine with the videos, i decided to resubscribe to the custom workout.

now, i know. you probably have questions about how all this works, and i’ll explain a bit more why i feel more comfortable with the custom workout combined with the dvds.

so, the custom workout is a monthly subscription. much like you would have for a monthly gym membership. the cost is roughly 40$ a month, not too shabby considering the vast amount of videos and workouts you have access to. then it sets you up with a weekly plan based on your desired workout. i switch it up week to week just to use all the videos. i then, as recommended by the custom workout, use a dvd on one of the “off” days as supplement.

the thing i love the most? all of the content is unique. what is on the dvds is different than that on the custom workout and streaming library. i have never run into a moment where there isn’t a video that i feel speaks to my needs at that time. another thing i love is that it is ever growing. the streaming library that comes with the custom workout expands monthly with new workouts, so unlike before where i could get bored with my 4 dvds, i always have a new workout to look forward to!

one big difference i found to a lot of other online workouts, is that the trainer does all of the workouts with you. so you know how the movement should look and that it is doable and the results attainable. she even notes the pain factor, when certain workouts are getting difficult, so you know you aren’t alone 😉

never having been a ballet dancer before in my life, i at times questioned if the method would work, and if i could do the workouts. and i have gained a massive confidence boost in doing these workouts. no i can’t go out and dance like a ballerina any time soon, but i finally have found my workout niche in a country where i can’t quite take part in big gym classes, and that is something i find very beneficial!

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