december in bonn

december in bonn is probably my second favorite time of year (only surpassed by summer) and it earns this position because of the atmosphere created. at the end of november, the christmas markets start opening, and once advent starts…the magic really happens!

within bonn, the christmas markets span over 2 of the big open squares in the city. may favorite location being münsterplatz. it is located right next to the big minster, and there are stands for all kinds of gifts, food and, of course, glühwein! we went one of the opening days and it was so much fun! even though it is, on an average day, only 2-3°C, you don’t notice it! (or at least i don’t, but that might just be because i love anything that has to do with christmas 😉 ). anyhow…last year we scoured the christmas markets for gifts for my family, and it is so much fun trying to pick out gifts that are authentically german! even though we brought all christmas gifts over in november this year, it’s still fun to browse around, and maybe even find something for ourselves.

not only the christmas markets make december a special time. the decorations that go up around town are just lovely! they put up these great street lights in the center of town (which is only accessible by foot), and the number of christmas trees! oh my, i just can’t take it!! there are 2 big ones, the biggest being by the “altes rathaus” or old city hall, and another near the münster. plus all throughout town there are smaller trees…literally on every corner! i promise to take some photos to really get the scene across, its just amazing! sure, there are probably other towns which do christmas the same, but being my first totally foreign exposure to christmas, they really hit the nail on the head here!

also there are small “holidays” leading up to christmas. for example, advent is celebrated by everyone, not just religious people. and it is something kids and adults can enjoy! this year, the husband and i got advent calendars, and each day get our little surprise! the husband went with a “bier adventskalendar” and each day in december he gets a ,3l beer to try. it comes with a pamphlet which allows you to judge the beers and such…he is quite enjoying it! i went with one from haribo…and it has been great! each day, a little lolly to eat…you can’t go wrong! another little holiday in the time before christmas is called “nikolaus”. this is celebrated on december 6th, and the kids leave their boots outside the door, and overnight nikolaus rewards the good kids with a little gift! the husband got me an exercise ball (i’d been wanting one for ages now) and put it under my boots outside the door! it was so cute! (unfortunately, i totally forgot about this holiday, but i have put a yearly reminder into my calendar for the coming years!).

the only thing that would make it better?? a little snow 😉

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