little brother’s wedding

we spent a week (roughly) in the middle of november back in the states. our luck had it, that our trip coincided with one of the “arctic blasts” that was going through at the time, and we had abnormally COLD texas weather…even colder than the weather here in germany the whole time.

anyways, we made the trip to to witness my younger brother marry the love of his life, our new sister-in-law! we had been planning this trip for quite a while, and things finally go under way on the 12th once the husband arrived in texas. we attended the rehearsal dinner at the venue on thursday evening, and enjoyed helping my sister put the finishing touches on the whole evening. it was so fun to look at the pictures hung up of the 2 of them over the years, and see how they have grown into such a lovely couple! the only downside to the weather, and the rehearsal portion took place outside. **side note: we had prepared for typical texas weather, somewhere in the 70s,etc.** that in mind, the dress and jacket i had packed (and bought specifically for this occasion) were not anywhere near warm enough…so i froze while practicing. as did most everyone else…it was 35°f out…so only like 1-2°c and we weren’t dressed for it! but we made the most of it, got back inside and enjoyed a lovely dinner with the whole wedding party and closest friends and family.

then saturday morning came the wedding and the preparation before! the bridal party was all there at around 9 to start getting ready, getting our hair done and makeup. being someone who doesn’t wear much make up, it was crazy to see the finished look! we then ventured outside around 1/2pm to start taking pictures, and that was when we realized that the cold weather was still with us…a bit warmer, but still. luckily our dresses were floor length!

the ceremony started at 4pm and it was beautiful. my favorite part was watching the look on my brother’s face as his bride walked down the aisle, i knew at that moment how in love they were. they are a quiet couple, so that moment really spoke louder than anything else! we did some family shots and full wedding party shots after the ceremony before the reception. the reception was lots of fun, full of dancing and photo-booth pictures!

we really are so happy that we were able to make the trip back to texas to be there for such an important milestone in my brother’s life…and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them!

click below to catch a few photos of the day!

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