a german thanksgiving

thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays…hands down!

however, living overseas makes it a bit more difficult to properly celebrate this holiday. yes, there are many people who make it possible, and maybe if i tried a bit harder, it could be possible for us too. but, the husband doesn’t really understand it, the family is thousands of miles away, and my cooking skills, while improving, are not quite up to par.

last year we decided to have tex-mex on thanksgiving, even though its not the typical meal consumed on that day…for us it was fun! however, this year i looked into some recipes and such, but nothing stuck. it’s really hard to find a turkey here (even though i prefer ham…that’s hard to come by too)…and cooking a massive meal for 2 seems quite pointless. i hope that once we have a bigger family, that we will be able to re-adopt thanksgiving as some of my most cherished childhood memories revolve around thanksgiving…having my grandparents come visit, all sitting around my cousins big dining table and laughing, teasing, playing! man, those were the days! even games of flag football played with socks in your back pockets! those are some of the things i miss about thanksgiving and hope to, one day, be able to share with my family. until then, i can still list what i am thankful for!

i am thankful for family, near and far. for a warm apartment and roof over my head, and food in my belly. i am thankful for a husband to love and who loves me in return, who allows me to be a bit weird at times and even joins in on the fun. for a pup with returning health! i am thankful for the opportunity to further my education, and to be continually enjoying it along the way. i am ever grateful and thankful for the two trips i was able to make to the states this year and that my siblings and i have stayed close as we tread the waters of adulthood, and for my parents who make everything possible.

i wish you and yours a happy thanksgiving, and momma…watch the radio city rockettes for me! 😉

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